James T Kirk 12 yo Straight Bourbon Whiskey?

When I first heard about James T Kirk 12 year old straight bourbon whiskey, I was a bit excited. After all, I have always been a huge fan of the original Star Trek series, a fan of William Shatner, and I love a good whiskey. Additionally a 12 year old small batch bourbon sounds pretty good. So I ordered a bottle and anxiously waited for it to arrive.

It came in a very nice looking bottle with the Unite Federation of Planets emblem on the neck, and the Star Fleet emblem as well as the signature of James T Kirk in gold across the bottle. It also had a beautiful amber color that told me it was going to be exceptional. I immediately called a fellow whiskey lover and invited him to come enjoy this whiskey with me.

I loved the color, and the legs that formed when the glass was swirled promised something complex and noteworthy. And the nose? Well, it reminded me a little of paint thinner with hints of vanilla and oak.

And the taste? Well, it was pretty bad. Harsh, burning, with a hint of something between shoe polish and kerosene.

This is the look of a man who has been betrayed by his friend.

To say I was disappointed is to understate my feelings. And my whiskey loving friend accused me of trying to poison him. This whiskey was virtually UN-drinkable. And just to add insult to injury that distinctive flavor lingered on the tong for hours.

Of course this is all just my opinion. I have other friends who will happily consume beverages that I think are horrible in the extreme. It may be possible to use this for mixed drinks, like a whiskey and coke, or an old-fashioned, but this whiskey has such a strong and distinctive taste, I’m not sure you could tame it with something else.

Mr Shatner, I still hold you in high regard, and remain your loyal fan. However in regards to this whiskey I can only say “wow”.

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